Live Chat Simple

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This function allows visitors the opportunity to chat with you in real time by just clicking a chat link from your site. Live Chat is a great way to have support on your Website or to talk live to people who are visiting your Website.

98% of Web users polled prefer Live Chat over e-mail when they want to contact someone on a Website. Most service providers charge a monthly fee, and complexity can be increased based on your needs. However, we provide a simple chat for your site and works perfectly. This program can also be utilized for non-business use for chatting with friends or just an everyday user to your site, without the need for an instant messaging client.


  • You can chat with multiple visitors at the same time.
  • Use the program so answer customers questions immediately, no need to wait for e-mail any longer.
  • Uses Flash, PHP and XML
  • High Quality XP Graphics Included
  • Supports unlimited number of users

List Price:C$99.99
Your Price:C$94.99 (You save C$5.00)